Morality and Moral Values

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Positive moral values are important in a novel to allow us to have an overall feeling of peace and joy of the story. It also can give meaning and purpose of the novel. There are many of the moral values that can be learned after I read overall story in Back To The Dreamtime, written by H.Q. Mrrchell. There are love of sense, responsibility, never give up, respectful, helps and cooperation of moral values in this novel. Richard Oenpelli McDonald was adopted by Joe McDonalds. However, his parents had hidden him about his background and heritage. Although he was Aborigines, he lives in the city since he was a kid. After he know about his background, he was not blamed his parents hidden it from his knowledge. Although Richard is not the McDonald’s real family members, but their family members lives very well and take care of each other. They can stay peacefully among each other. Their family was very closer, no jealousy and favoritism. For example that we can see is, when Sonya wake up her children, she smiled to them and made some food, and when she do that to Richard, Tom and Judy not jealous. Indeed, they love and always together. In this novel, we have learned about responsibility. There are many responsibilities part in the novel. First of all is when Joe, Richard’s father give a duty to Richard, Tom and Judy to clean up the attic. They are obedient to their father says. They do it very well. The other part show the kind of spirit is when Richard find the aboriginal decoration called tjurunga. After Richard’s parents explained about it, he received it calmly. His parents had given a responsibility by Richard’s real father before he passed away to save it. Another part that show responsibility is when Richard know the meaning of the tjurunga and he must help his aboriginal villagers. He must find his father burial ground to complete his father’s death based on aboriginal tradition....
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