Morality and Ethicality of Using Sexual Advertising: “Effects on Teens Segment ”

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Human sexuality Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: March 20, 2012
Morality and ethicality of using sexual advertising: “Effects on Teens Segment ”


The development of technology made the role of advertising very crucial with the use of televisions, radios, magazines, posters and the internet. The main objective of a marketer is to increase the number of customers or the use of his customers for a product or service. In modern marketing sexual appeal has become the number one strategy in advertising. In fact, it was one of the greatest accepted techniques in marketing worldwide because it proved that it reaches customers in a great way. Especially when it comes to certain products such as cigarettes, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, candy, liquor and fashion goods. Since those products are mainly image-based and the use of sex appeal, sexy illustrations, and sex in general, in advertising can big effects on several elements of an advertising and buyer behavior model. The effects may be positive but if it weren’t used in the proper way it might carry on many severe negative effects. Marketers are trying to captivate people’s minds and attract them by putting for example sexy models or revealing clothes and moreover, they are positioning their brand as sexual and that the customers will have sex related benefit if they buy their product or service. A big number of people might deny the effect of these sexually oriented advertisements on them claiming that its’ not the reason why they buy a product or service. However, indirectly whether they accept this product or not they are talking about the advertisement or thinking about it in their unconscious which sheds lights on it. Especially the teen segment which are from 13 till 18 year olds they are affected by this method of advertising in a great way. Thus, there are many ethical questions associated with this strategy because its’ becoming obviously clear how sex is being used to target teens. Aims:

This research attempts to shed the light on advertising...
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