Moral Values

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Three Moral Values
With this moral value in mind, I want to have the feeling of contentment with my life, like there’s nothing missing and I have everything I needed. I wanted to be able to say that I’m happy and complete. I consider this as a moral value, because I think that there is nothing more that a person could possibly wish for than being happy. I think most if not all have happiness as their ultimate goal in life. We can have a thousand of difficulties and obstacles in life as long as we know that someday we can still be happy and learn to smile again. I also considered it as a moral value because fame, money or fortune would be nothing, if deep inside I am not happy. The things that I had set aside in order to have this moral value were my friends, studies and family. Having this moral value made me a selfish person. Sometimes, I only think about things that would make me happy, not caring about what the people around me might feel. There were times that I do things just for my own sake, not thinking of what my friends and family would say and feel.

Who doesn’t want success in life? As far as I can remember, my mother taught me to aim for the best things in life. This is one of the things that motivate me in studying and facing problems in life. In times of hardships, the thought that always keep me going is that I want to be successful in life; I want to achieve my dreams. I considered this as a moral value because it is one of the things that I constantly think about. I gave it a priority sometimes over my friends like for instance they want to meet up but I was doing some school work so I have to say no. I also won’t go out as much as other people my age because I want to study hard in order to be successful later in life. There were also times wherein I forget to eat, brush my hair and have beauty rest just to pursue my goal of being successful in whatever endeavour I put my mind into.

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