Moral Struggle - Essay

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Moral Struggle
Moral struggle is difficulty concerning the principles of right and wrong and what is determined ethical. Everybody will have to make a difficult decision sometime in life. Everyone will have to struggle with something at sometime. Moral struggle is also the decisions that you make that affect your life whether it’s right or wrong. I believe that peer pressure leads to struggle. You shouldn’t let anybody tell you what to do. You should do what you want and avoid anyone telling you what to do so you don’t end up struggling in life. In looking at my parent’s moral struggle, it’s clear that the solution is difficult.

First of all, my dad (George) is struggling through a lot. My dad is the only person working in our family. He comes home late and so tired everyday. He works from 5 in the morning to about 6 at night. Even though he works so much he makes just enough money to get by on the bills. I feel so bad for him because I’m still too young to help him out. He struggles by over working himself and still making himself work even when he gets hurt or sick. He doesn’t know when to stop but without him we wouldn’t have what we do like a house or anything else.

Secondly, my dad struggles by not being able to go on a vacation to see his family. His mother is getting old and he hasn’t seen her in about 8 years. He’s just been way too busy with work and he just hasn’t had the money to go either. He really wants to go but he doesn’t have any extra cash at all to save. He feels horrible because his mom wants to see him really bad but he can’t go to see her. I’m trying my best to do what I can to help him out but it’s just not good enough. I’m also struggling in this situation because I feel bad for him not being able to get any rest, not being able to save money or spend any on himself,...
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