Moral Rights and Wrongs at the Logistics and Service Company

Topics: Law, Morality, Ethics Pages: 3 (768 words) Published: October 15, 2010

“There is a big difference between what we have the right to do and what is right”~ Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart (Lennon, 2008). The above quote illustrates how decisions made by a company or individual; although legal or the law can possibly violate ethical standards. Ethics as we remember, is the knowing the difference between right and wrong; and doing what is right. Whereas, being legal has to do with the following of legislative laws. Given, this information, this discussion will provide two examples of moral rights and moral wrongs the Logistics and Services Company (LSC) can find themselves involved in and provide justification as to why each example is correct or incorrect.

As we are reminded LSC owns cruise ships that can be registered in a foreign country; to avoid the United States wage and labor laws and become subject to liability of the state of which the flag is flown. Legally, by choosing certain countries, such as Liberia and the Bahamas, the company limits claims of negligence, contractual, wage and labor laws, etc. Ethically, the company knows what they are doing is minimizing their responsibility in following like laws in the United States; to pay comparable wages, adhere to safe working procedures, and be held accountable for violations. The above practice is legal, but morally incorrect. LSC should adopt the same practices they would want for themselves.

Another example is the tickets given to passengers upon boarding the ship, that state, “ …all claims made by said passengers will be heard in a third world country that has different laws then what they know and understand”. Consider Mr. and Mrs. Lowell for instance, they were robbed and the husband severely injured by ‘bad’ employees. Upon returning home, Mrs. Lowell asks the owner of the ship to make recompense for injuries and loss. Because she is considered to be the property of her husband in this country, she has no legal recourse…...
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