Moral Responsibility

Topics: Social responsibility, Corporate social responsibility, Business ethics Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: April 26, 2011
(A)of the core moral responsibility
This is done by P. Pula Li (Peter Pratley)proposed. Pula Li believes that "the same as the implementation of quality management, companies also accept the moral responsibility of the concrete. at the lowest level, the enterprise must take three responsibilities: (1) concern for consumers, such as the ability to meet the ease of use, product safety And other requirements; (2)concern for the environment; (3) interest on the minimum working conditions. "Platts these three kinds of responsibility as " a minimum core of moral responsibility ", and the core is divided into three levels of moral responsibility : "First, companies assume an obligation to the most basic moral responsibility: to provide consumers with safe and is the good performance of goods and services. On this basis, and permanent responsibility, and now added a new moral responsibility. The second level of the expanded scope of moral responsibility, related to care about the environment and reduce resource consumption. The final level of moral responsibility refers to the business community as a moral quality. This means that at least there is no abuse(moral responsibility). "[13] (P98, 119) (B) multi-level framework for corporate responsibility

This is made by George Enderle. Enderle believes that corporate responsibility includes economic responsibility, social responsibility and environmental responsibility in three areas. Economic responsibility of which is: profit or to maximize profits; improve productivity; protection or to increase the wealth of the owner or investors; respected suppliers; fair treatment of competitors; care employees for customer service; social responsibility: respect for law and The spirit of the rules and provisions; respect for social customs and cultural heritage; selectively participate in cultural and political life; environmental responsibility are: commitment to sustainable development; consumes less natural resources; to...
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