Moral Requirements

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Moral Requirements

Moral Requirements
Universal moral requirement are a personal area of interest, due to human nature, morals and religious beliefs as to whether each circumstance is right or wrong is up to an individual. All the topics that Lenn Goodman touched upon are all wrong to everyone no matter how you dress the stories up. There is no way to show that each one has some kind of good to it, due to the nature at extent of each one.

Take for instance genocide "it target an individual because they belong to a certain group or believe in something" (Goodman, 2010). People are murder due to what they are associated with, due to another individual of power that doesn't like something about them. Like for instance Hitler, he didn't like "Jews, gypsies, decadents, and misfits" (Goodman, 2010) and yet he killed them all. That is not the way people should have to live in fear of a person or a group because of their back ground. It is not morally or humanly right. I think Hitler should have stood up for his war crimes (genocide) against humanity, but instead he took the cowards way out by shooting himself before the army could reach him. Today with all the knowledge and technology all the best armies have to offer still cannot shut down powerful people from continuing genocide process.

Terrorism will never stop as long as people have something to die for. Terrorist either has a holy belief behind them to finally make it to the best place in the world and be rewarded for their belief, or they do it to make a point to someone of power. The article states "an act of expressionistic theater, venting frustration when history is moving the wrong way" (Goodman, 2010), once the act is done the terrorist either dies during the act or after the act the person shoots themselves to ensure the act has been completed the way it was intended to finish. Also it is a way "bomb side marketplaces to offer glory and God's garden to desperate,...
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