Moral Relativism

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  • Published : November 30, 2010
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Moral relativism is the view that ethical standards, morality, and positions of right or wrong are based on a person's individual choice/belief (subjectivism). Different moral truths hold for different people. It comes in two forms: ethical subjectivism and cultural relativism. We can all decide what is right for ourselves. You decide what's right for you, and I'll decide what's right for me. Moral relativism says, "It's true for me, if I believe it."Dan Ariely is a professor of behavioral economics, and he believes “we're not as rational as we think when making decisions”. I agree with his belief.

Individual Moral Relativism depends solely upon ones individual beliefs. Dan Ariely came up with the idea that we repeatedly and predictably make the wrong decisions in many aspects of our lives and that research could help change some of these patterns. I agree we do make wrong decisions in many aspects of our lives. For example the nurses who removed Ariely's band aids did it in a painful process because they believed it was right (subjectivism) for the reason that is was their job because what might seem right to them, you might understand differently and have a difference of opinion; therefore it may appear wrong in your eyes and vice versa. In my opinion being a nurse does not mean you know everything about everything. How would you ever know what works well and what does not, if you don’t try. Cultural relativism holds that moral truths vary from one culture to another. According to cultural relativism, the fact that a given practice is morally wrong in one culture does not entail that it is morally wrong in another. One should try to understand the culture on its own terms instead of judging it based upon one’s own culture. The nurses should have taken Ariely’s suggestion into consideration and not judge that his suggestion was wrong because he was simply just a patient.

Ethical subjectivism states that a full description of all of the morally...
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