Moral Human & Spiritual Values in Children

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Moral human & spiritual values in Children

Moral Versus Spiritual Values

Scientific Achievements :
As you know, in science we have made many extraordinary and incredible achievements.  We have split the atom, and now we are trying to solve the microstructure of matter.  In space, we have landed on the moon, and we have made space probes as far as the distant planet of our solar system.  Through communication, we can watch the globe on the TV screen, and the television brings to us instant coverage and analysis of distant parts of the globe.  In medicine, in the operating room, we are now transplanting a pulsating heart.  Sixties and Hippieism :

On the other hand, there are a few  who would deny  degradation, deterioration  and the decline of our moral values.  Most psychologists and sociologists  believe that  since the sixties,  the beginning of hippieism, when a group of young people  started rejecting the conventional dress  and behavior  and using psychedelic drugs  we have experienced a social  indifference  toward moral values.  The mentality has been  “The heck with traditional values.  I want to feel  what I want to feel  and do what  I want to do  and who cares  about the consequences”. Consequences :

Well, the consequences are what we are facing with today:  emotional pain  and breaking down  of all barriers and relationships  of husband and wife,  parents and children,  brothers and sisters, and teachers and students.  These are barriers that were once considered to be pivotal principles of Confucius ( jen )  and all past religions of the world. Social Disorders :

I have traveled all around the globe.  I have noticed that  despite all of our scientific achievements, people are more and more unhappy.  They are living with agony of the mind and spirit.  They are divided and discontent.  Families are separating.  People are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  They are suffering  from AIDS.  They are suffering  from all kinds of mental illnesses.  The number of prisons  is increasing  and still there is not enough  room for the criminals.  The number of psychiatric beds  is also increasing. What Went Wrong :

One may ask,  despite so many achievements  in science and technology, why should we have so many problems in our society?  Could it be  that we have paid  most of our attention  to science and little  or no attention  to our moral and spiritual values?  Well , that is what we are going to discuss during this forum.  

Our three Faculties :
As you are aware, there are three faculties in our body  each faculty originating  from a separate compartment  and each has  it’s own important function.  If we draw a triangle, each side of the triangle  will represent  one of these faculties:  

1-      sensual faculty  originating from our physical senses 2-          rational or intellectual faculty  originating from our mind and 3-          moral faculty  originating from our conscience. Philosophers  such as Confucius and Plato  first explained  this categorization of human realities. Man’s Distinction :

From these three faculties  only one exists in animals  and that is the sensual faculty.  Human beings, however, are distinguished from animals  for having the two other faculties  that is intellectual or rational  and moral faculties. Moral Being :

Confucius states that  man is a rational and moral being, distinctive from all other forms of creatures.  And although, in human beings  these two faculties are present  at birth, they need cultivation and nurturing  in order to develop to their full potential. It is obvious  that if these two faculties remain dormant  and are not developed, the sensual principles will dominate.  Moreover, among the two faculties of intellect and moral, priority goes to the moral faculty.  In other words, it is a general opinion that  a moral illiterate and unlearned man  is much more superior  to an immoral learned scientist.  

Nurturing Moral Values :
Mencius, who is...
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