Moral Deviation in Egypt

Topics: Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior Pages: 5 (1997 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Waleed Ahmed Abdulsalam
ID: 900114487
Moral deviation in Egypt
Moral deviation in Egypt is found in all aspects of life. There are many types of deviations in the Egyptian way of life. Adultery and prostitution have become features of the Egyptian society throughout the last decades. Some social observers attribute the ever-growing phenomenon of moral deviation in Egypt to poverty and administration corruption. Throughout my life time, I strongly believe that illiteracy, unemployment, and poverty are the real causes of the existence of prostitution, adultery and other types of moral deviation in Egypt. The internet and satellite channels are misused by teenagers neglecting the internet and the mass media as sources of useful information. A large number of teenagers fall as victims of trying illegal sexual relations which may end up with illegitimate babies. I myself have watched an example of a young woman who had a baby out of adultery. Moral deviation is the soil that produces all types of social diseases. A few weeks ago when I was on my way home in a taxi, there was a black Mercedes that blocked the road. The driver of that black Mercedes was a man in his mid forties with a fashionable suit and a neat appearance. In front of that Mercedes, there was a woman crossing the road with a swollen belly. It seemed that she was about to give birth. I could tell that from her stumbling heavy steps across the road. Suddenly, the woman fell down on the ground. The gentleman parked his Mercedes and got out of the car. He helped the woman get up and carried her to his car. Fortunately, there was a big hospital nearby. I followed that gentleman with my eyes and could not hide my admiration for his civilized behavior. The gentleman carried that woman he didn’t know into the hospital’s information desk. The scene of the noble man carrying the pregnant woman to the hospital relieved me. A few days later, I met my uncle Salem who was one of the cleverest lawyers in Egypt. I asked him how things were going with him. My uncle answered grimly that adultery and prostitution in Egypt had reached alarming levels. As a result of my close relationship to my uncle, I was sure there was something specific that troubled him. My uncle did not waste time and began to tell me about one of his cases that had put him in that dull mood. My uncle told me that he was defending a man in court. That man was rich with a noble birth. My uncle added that a few days ago, that man had to stop his car when he had noticed a pregnant woman crossing the road with heavy steps. Suddenly, the woman fell down on the ground and that kind man carried her into the nearest hospital and paid for her birth operation. I could not stop myself from telling my uncle that I had seen that scene myself and I gave my uncle a good description of the man and the woman. My uncle assured me that the man and the woman were exactly the same people he was talking about.

I asked my uncle if the woman had died and that man fell into trouble. My uncle answered negatively and added: “I wish that woman had died”. He told me that when the woman had learnt that the man who had brought her to hospital was one of the richest businessmen in Egypt, the woman bribed the nurses to help her register that man’s name as the father’s name of her newly-born baby. It was clear that the woman seemed to have committed adultery with someone who abandoned her after she became pregnant. My uncle’s anger was so intense that he was shouting rather than explaining to me. He said: “I wonder how moralities in Egypt have degraded to that low level. That man helped a woman about to give birth and instead of thanking him, she claimed that my client was the father of the baby but she was ignorant and mistaken”. I asked my uncle how she was mistaken. He said that because that lady was uneducated, she did not know that with some blood and DNA analysis, he managed to...
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