Moral Decline of the 21st Century

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, Morality, Alexis de Tocqueville Pages: 5 (1796 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Nicholas David Schultz
Mr. Silva
English 110
December 1, 2012
The Moral Decline from the 1900s Felt a Decade Later.
The rate of change started to accelerate in the early 1900s as new influences had an effect that reached even the furthest parts of the country. This had the effect of creating a new country-wide culture in the early twentieth century. The United States was founded on the “God given rights” of its people and religion, although very controversial; created the foundation of the American spirit. In Fredrick Lewis Allen’s book, Only Yesterday, he talks about the events that divided America in the 1920s from his curious views of how its history and events may repeat themselves. Allen looks the at the diverse influences of the 1920s-the post-war disillusion, the status of women, the Freudian gospel, the automobile, prohibition, the sex and confession magazines, and the movies-had part in the bringing about the revolution of change in America. The unbelievable mixture of discoveries in science, technology and equal rights of the 1900s influenced the Puritan ideals of the church to change with the over shadowing doubts brought on by the sciences. The equality movement and the rebellion of the youth in the 1920s exemplified the complete disregard of authority and responsible behavior practiced by past generations.[1] At a meeting of the Ministerial Union of Philadelphia the Rev. Dr. B. F. Daugherty, pastor of a Presbyterian Church at Lebanon, Pa. was quoted "an education that is not merely non-Christian but actively anti-Christian, is destructive of character and antagonistic to every institution by which America has been made great. . . . The denial of God is the denial not only of authority but of any sense of moral responsibility."[7] When there is a denial of God and that there is destruction of a unified structure of things from the top down; moral responsibilities and common decency is ignored. This was the starting point of degrade of chivalry and moral standards; the discourse of the American supremacy in the world that has been exemplified through America’s leading economic power and supposed world dominance. America was founded on the religious values but, when we separate ourselves from those moral teachings; the standing of our high character is at risk for corruption. Science told the children of the 20th century that there is no God, no higher deity and that they are in charge of their own lives through the freedoms that they have been given by being born in the United States of America. In the Declaration of Independence but, all of these rights are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. [3] The interpretation of may have fallen on deaf ears. The right to life protects the individual’s ability to take all those actions necessary for the preservation and enjoyment of his life but, this is based upon the idea that he has a background or upbringing with a high standard of moral values. Liberty protects the individual’s ability to think and to act on his own judgment- that is based on the rationality of a man’s highest moral values. If a man will live his life rationally and with high moral values; he shall pursuit his happiness in life with morals upholding life, reason and self-interest. Self-interest for personal contentment and enjoyment is allowed as long as one is rational and upholding life. In the 1900s the reform of church began from some conflict of the scientific discoveries and theories causing doubt on the biblical version of events and a failed collaboration of the Anglican Episcopal bishops all over the world in August, 1920, the Lambeth Conference for a reunion of the churches on the basis that priests of the Roman and Greek Catholic Churches would be accepted as priests of the Anglican Church if their own communions would reciprocate, while it was asked of the Protestant Churches that they would allow their ministers...
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