Moral Decay in the Philippines

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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Moral Decay
Paul L. Fuentes

We Filipinos are very sensible. Look how the recent putsch was lambasted in the newspaper. Lettersfrom the readers swarmed indicating that we cannot tolerate the cowardly and senseless killing of soldiers and civilians, wasted ammunitions, and budding economyagain jeopardized. We condemn the former regime, its havoc upon our lives. We condemn graft and corruption, so rampant; we condemn the violation of human rights allegedly committed against the leader of Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT); we condemn everything that is foul, inhuman, unjust, impure, indecent.

But look at the kind of movies and TV programs we go after; display of sex acts—under the guise of art, nude bodies, violent sex, fornication, adultery, vengeance, magical arts, sorcery, myths. Even an ordinary comedy sit-com is rated "Parental Guidance." Is that wholesome entertainment?

You can glean from the entertainment that we are so crazy about what kind of people we truly are. Instead of censorship, awards were given to this filth.

The female body has become the hottest and fastest selling commodity, raking millions of profits for the movie industry, print, liquor and wine.

Every time a sex-oriented movie goes out for showing we are buying our own ticket to moral degradation, anarchy, and even destruction from VD epidemic, like what happened to Majuro Marshall Islandwhere more than one out of ten have VD. Homosexuality is now enjoined in full swing. Love of money just like lust of flesh is insatiable. The chain has already been started; we wonder when it will end and how. Then we aspire for peace and order and goodwill? Are we worthy? A poverty-stricken Filipino bombarded with filthy movies, how will he react?

Concerned Women of the Philippines, Rotary Club, Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates, we appeal to you. Will you remain indifferent? The Wise Old Woman
Yoshiko Uchida
Many years ago there was an arrogant and a cruel young lord who ruled over a small village in the western hills of japan , who thought that the old people are neither useful nor able to work for living so he ordered the villagers that the one who's parents turn over the 71 years they have to take them to the mountains to be banished and die and he said too that who will not do the rule will be arrested and go to the mountains too . And their was a young farmer who used to send his mother to the mountains and he was very sad and when he found that she still thinking about him he took her back and didn’t send her to the mountains and he had hidden her in a room in the kitchen for 2 years and no one knows that she is alive and then someone called Lord Higa send the ruler of the village that says that if he didn’t solve the threats he sent lord higa will conquer the village and make it his own , so the first threat was (to bring him a box containing 1000 ropes of ash and he will spare their village) and the ruler said that it’s an impossible thing so he asked his wise men and they said that it’s impossible too then he offered the villager some gold for the one who will solve the threat and the young farmer asked his mother and she answered him so he ran to the ruler and told him the answer, then the lord Higa sent him another terrible threat and it was (to bring him a log with a small hole that curved and bent 7 times through its length,and he demanded that a single piece of silk thread be threaded through the hole) so the ruler, wise men and villagers couldnt answer the threat again and said that its impossible but the young farmer went to his mother again and asked her and she answered him so ran to the ruler and told him the answer again and took some gold , then after a few days the Lord Higa sent his last threat that was ( to bring him a drum that sounds without being beaten ) and happened what happened in the threats before and the young farmer went to his mother as usual but she said that its the easiest one and she answer him...
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