Moral Compass

Topics: Decision making, Morality, Decision making software Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: November 19, 2011
Young adults and teenagers are capable of understanding what truly is right or what is wrong. They have the maturity and the intelligence level to discern a good decision from a bad one. The problem that faces our society is its competitive attitude. Competition, along with popularity and self-centeredness is what drives our decision making process. Instead of taking a problem and analyzing it to come to a conclusion as to whether it is morally acceptable, our society tends to weigh its choices on which option is more popular or which will get them further ahead of others. Because of the need to be on top our moral compass is pushed to the backburner while our ego leads the way. Another reason why our moral compass is hidden in our society, is because we care far too much about what others think. Before most girls leave the house in the mornings, they spend hours doing their hair, perfecting their makeup and finding the outfit that will impress all the boys, and make the girls jealous. When teens today are faced with a situtuation such as drinking at a party, instead of allowing their moral compass to lead then in the right direction they allow opinions of their peers to determine whether or not they take the beer. Most teens have phrases such as, “this is what the cool people are doing”, or “what will people think if I don’t drink with them?” imbedded in their minds and these are the driving forces behind their decision making process. If society used their moral compass than we would have a much less self-conscious culture. Since we rely so heavily on what others think, our own self worth then drops, causing us to become even more enthralled in please others. When faced with decisions, society should not worry about how they will be perceived but rather if what we are doing is morally acceptable. Once we dust off our moral compasses we will find what is truly important in life. Lastly, our moral compass is pushed aside by the influences of social media....
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