Moral Character Viewpoints

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  • Published : November 5, 2009
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Moral Character Viewpoints
Many in my cluster agreed that a person who smokes does not always have a bad moral character; it just means that they fell into a bad habit. Sometimes bad habits can be brought on by the environment for which one surrounds themselves by. It is said that “a person with bad habits may not always be a person with bad moral character, whereas a person with bad moral character is more likely to have bad habits”. Now, as for what we disagreed upon, I would have to say it was that a person who was a habitual liar is a person who has bad moral character. In fact a person who lies is usually doing it to protect themselves or someone from social judgments. Did this disagreement follow traditional or modern ethical thinking? I would have to say that this is following modern ethical thinking because in the traditional or olden days, lying is known to be a sign of bad moral character. In modern times it seems as though more and more of society finds lying as an excuse to get away with something that they normally would not be doing or a way to hide something about oneself to gain something that they may not normally obtain if they spoke the truth. In conclusion, I see that if whether you have a bad habit or not it does not always mean that you are one of bad moral values or character, it just means that you have a flaw or weakness for certain habits.
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