Moral Argument

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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The moral argument for God
Philosopher Philip Hallie who has seen the suffering may argue in the existence of the God, because some suffering is even hard to listen. We can see many suffering in today’s world which may cause us to doubt for the existence of God. Atheist challenge God’s existence and states that the morality we pose is irrelevant to the existence of God. Gottlob Frege said “the “evening star” and “morning star” appear at different times of the day and so have different senses” (332). Since, we are the creation of our father and even if his children deny him and argue we know that morality comes from God’s charisma and will.

Ethical relativism comes in two forms: cultural relativism and individual relativism. Culture relativism shows that morality is a relative term. Author here talks that morality being a relative term, an ethical issue in one cultural might not be moral issue in other culture. He further adds by saying morality differs according to the location. Individual relativism is affected by cultural relativism, but ultimately morality depends on what an individual thinks. Relativist supports their claim through two views; dependency and diversity thesis. “The dependency thesis assert that morality inherently depends on the cultural factors and no other factors” (333) I think this is very true because talking while eating is a bad manner in our home, but here many people go out to eat and catch up. In this regard we can say that dresses, PDA which is one of the biggest things is okay in western while immoral in my culture. “According to diversity thesis, the possible range of selection for behavior and mores is vast, and the different cultures have selected various arrangements, judging different things as normal or abnormal according to their specific situations” (334-335).The diversity thesis run on two reasons; first, even if the cultural condemns its basic moral judgment, this does not lead to the conclusion that these judgment...
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