Moose Attacks

Topics: Attack!, Attack, Moose Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Edgar Vasquez
Moose Attack No matter how trained, how experienced, or how focused one is, nothing, absolutely nothing can prepare you for the intense shock of seeing a six-hundred pound beast charging at you with all its might Moose are savage wild beast who do, and have attacked many people. One would have to be very lucky to survive being rammed, stomped, and tossed ten ft. in the air by a raging six-hundred pound moose, just like Brian did in Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Although moose may seem calm and harmless, they can be the worlds deadliest animal. In the book Hatchet, by Paulsen, Brian gets attacked severely and almost killed by a large moose. Brian gets rammed and stomped by a cow (female moose). The author uses the quote “It was nearly the last act of his life” (Hatchet, Paulsen 145). In this quote the author transmits the idea to the reader of just how deadly and life threatening the attack on Brian was. Brian describes the moose’s acts as insane. It was insane how the moose charged so furiously with no explainable reason. The moose was not happy until he feels she has totally damaged him. Brian had severe injuries in his ribs which made his struggle to survive even more challenging. Brian simply could not make any sense of the shocking events that had nearly token away his life. Moose have many reasons to attack. One can not forget that a moose is a wild animal and will always attack when it feels threatened. Moose, like all wild animals will attack and fight to protect their babies and food. In the book Hatchet, Brian is attacked because he is standing so close to the moose while he is eating a meal in the lake. In the book Guts by Gary Paulsen, the author states that a moose’s mood tends to change so quickly. A moose could go from having a good time and enjoying him self to attacking a non-living object for no explainable reason. In the book Guts a moose is roaming through...
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