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Topics: Motivation, Employment, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: March 24, 2013

FLIGHT 001 Case Study

After watching the video case study for the organization Flight 001 on motivating Employees –Empowered and Appreciated, According to the Maslow’s Hierarch, theory the basic needs in his theory were condcidered the Stages of growth in humans “deficiency needs” in the video Amanda Shank’s stated that she have worked in a place where the was literally told that she was easily replace, she stated that she felt that the owners in her old position just didn’t care the her old boss failed to meet Esteem and the need of belonging for their employee. The owners failed in that by not giving the employees respect, the confidence of achievement and given her self-esteem in making her feel she was not a worthy employee and they failed in the need of belonging by not acknowledging her work or letting her express herself they failed in making her feel like she was part of something in this case her job, by the owner action of not acting and attending to their company need it gives the impression that the company is not important or that the employees are not important then that reflect a dissatisfaction in employees on how they view their duties, and workplace.

According to the Expectancy theory the assumption that there is a relationship between human satisfactory and the cause of good performance and the opposite would happen So, in the case study for fight 001 if the associate feel unappreciated by being underpaid which will then cause a decrease in self-esteem and dissatisfaction with the job which will then cause a decrease in performance. The Equity Theory of motivation according to Edward E. Lawler and Lymann W. Porter contends that people are motivated to seek equity in their rewards they receive for performance. It is the individual belief that they are treated and are receiving fair comparative treatment received by others. So in order for Flight 001 associates to feel motivated managers will have to...
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