Moonshot Brewing Case Analysis

Topics: Beer, Advertising, Marketing Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: December 16, 2008
New Century Brewing is a company that in my opinion was extremely lucky to have Rhonda Kallman on board as their CEO. She is somewhat of a modern day beer industry guru, having direct dealings with the age of light beers, as well as having a lot to do with the overall success of Samuel Adams Brewing Company. She was Boston’s drinking golden child, and it seems to me that she couldn’t get enough. She wanted the opportunity to start up a completely new drinking market. The Caffeinated Beer, was the pitch, the question however was, would she conquer this market or fall short?

In summary New Century Brewing Companies main obstacle when talking about their “Moon Shot” beer, was the major U.S Brewing Companies. Particularly, Anhauser Busch with their B to the E brand of caffeinated beer. Because Moon Shot was working with a close to non existent advertising budget, B to the E’s failure to catch the taste buds of its consumer consequentially hurt the entire emerging energy beer market. Also with over 1500 microbreweries in the U.S alone, the micro brewed beers really crept into the beer market as well.

The major problem with moon shot was the lack of advertising in my opinion. It was a horrible strategy to rely on other companies ads such as they did with B to the E. This was a major mistake because they needed to develop their brand. If they were given a 100,000 dollar budget then 50 thousand should have gone to a small production of their moon shot drink and the other 50 thousand to advertising. When starting up a new business sometimes you have to gamble a little bit by relying on your advertising. But I like those odds better then relying on another companies advertising.

In my opinion Rhanda Kallman is an amazing innovator, but a horrendous marketer. This article made Edison Beer sound absolutely delicious, but in all reality I have never even heard of it. Also, when she worked for Boston Brewing Company (Granted I was in the 3rd Grade) Sam Adam’s Ad’s were...
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