Moonlight Sonata

Topics: Music, Movement, Feeling Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: April 16, 2008
When listening to Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” many different emotions envelop through my body. The first movement, Adagio Sustenato, made me feel like I was in a wooden rowboat, drifting peacefully along on a crystal clear lake. I felt as if the air was brisk, yet serene, like a calm before the storm. I envisioned beautiful white swans floating carelessly along side the shore line, as the water lapped the outer banks. As the movement progressed, it got more aggressive, making me feel as if the rowboat was rocking angrily in the wind.

The second movement, Allegreta, made me feel as if I was at a wedding reception, with smiling faces surrounding me. I saw such a striking sight; the bride and groom dancing, wine glasses held high in the air, a bouquet of flowers thrown into a crowd of screaming hopefuls, and a band playing on a stage, the pianist playing a jumpy, fun beat.

The third movement, Presto Agitato, was by far my favorite. It felt like I was in a bustling city, such as New York, where everything moves so fast, it was like life didn’t stop for anything. I saw determined looking people running in and out of stores, hurriedly grabbing things and pushing others out of their way. As the music briefly slowed down, I envisioned the people stopping for a quick lunch, but then picking up their belongings and rushing out into the busy, unstoppable thing we call life. The sound was very agitated, almost like the pianist was releasing anger in an art form.

Listening to all three movements of “Moonlight Sonata” has made me appreciate the art of music a lot more. The feelings and visions I got showed me how complex music can be, yet how great it makes you feel.
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