Moon Landing

Topics: Cold War, Apollo 11, United States Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: March 5, 2008
It was July 16, 1969; the United States had been battling the USSR in what is known as the Cold War: a race between the two countries to see who could develop better technology and get to the moon first. The USSR captured the first major successes in space travel with successfully sending a man into orbit, and then orbiting around the entire earth. The United States had some catching up to do. Was the U.S. really capable of not only catching the USSR but fearlessly rocketing past them and landing on the moon? Was NASA responsible for sending the first man to the moon in what will always be remembered in U.S. history? Or was young Billy Wagner deceived along with the rest of the country by fraudulent pictures and happenings that were staged and never really happened? Here we are going to discuss the argument on the moon landing hoax and why Neil Armstrong is a household name for his steps on the moon that may have actually just been steps on a T.V. set.

First, we most consider what was used as evidence to compile these moon landings and to obscure the public into believing it…pictures. Most anyone will believe what they physically see to be true, especially if they are pictures directly from NASA, the respected association of space travel. Billy Wagner had no reason to think that the moon landing was a hoax, he had hope just like every other American to believe, and therefore were all easily deceived with no logical questioning. The public viewed pictures of the moon landing, and so they believed them to be true. However, there are several discrepancies with these so-called moon landing pictures. There are no stars in the background of any of the pictures. (Plait, 1) Stars would be effectively more visible from the moon in outer space. Secondly, the pictures containing the flag show it rippling in the wind. (Plait, 1) It doesn't take rocket science to prove that there is no wind on the moon, and so what should the vivid U.S. flag really appear...
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