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Topics: Learning, Virtual learning environment, Learning management system Pages: 94 (23884 words) Published: January 22, 2013


A Master‘s Project submitted in partial fulfilment of the Requirement for the degree of Master of Information Technology

Faculty of Information Technology and Multimedia Communications Open University Malaysia 2011

Abstract This research report was to determine if a Learning Management System (LMS) could increase the self-directed studying hours of Diploma students who studied Information Technology (IT) at Stamford College Malacca (SCM). This was to solve the problem faced by facilitators where students were not engaged to do study outside of scheduled lecture hours. A second objective was to determine of the number of hours a student spent online on the LMS would correlate with quiz scores. In this study, an Moodle production site was set up for students to enrol in online IT courses. A comparison of LMSs, with emphasis on Moodle, learning methods, pedagogies and how best to engage students online was conducted. A detailed questionnaire was given to the students to determine if the LMS had an effect on their learning habits. In addition, their online quiz performances were correlated with time spent on the LMS. The finding reports a slight increase in the hours spent on self-study due to the LMS. The finding also suggests a moderate link between the amount of students‘ online time and higher quiz scores.

Tajuk: Perlaksanaan sebuah LMS Moodle untuk meningkatkan jam pembebelajaran kendiri oleh siswa yang belajar kursus IT di Stamford College Malacca.

Abstrak Laporan kajian ini adalah untuk menentukan sama ada sebuah Sistem Pengurusan Pembelajaran (LMS) dapat meningkatkan jam belajar kendiri pelajar Diploma di Kolej Stamford Melaka (SCM). Ini adalah untuk menyelesaikan masalah yang dihadapi oleh fasilitator di mana para pelajar sering tidak melakukan pembelajaran kendiri di luar jam kuliah jadual. Tujuan kedua adalah untuk menentukan jumlah jam yang dihabiskan pelajar online di LMS akan berkorelasi dengan skor kuis. Dalam kajian ini, sebuah tempat pengeluaran Moodle ditubuhkan bagi pelajar untuk mendaftar di kursus online TI. Perbandingan diantara tiga LMS, dengan penekanan pada Moodle, dilakukan. Kaedah pembelajaran, pedagogies dan cara terbaik untuk melakukan online dilakukan pelajar juga dibuat. Sebuah soal-siasat terperinci diberikan kepada pelajar untuk menentukan samada LMS berpengaruhi tabiat pembelajaran mereka. Selain daripada itu, persembahan quiz pelajar di dapati berkorelasi dengan masa yang dihabiskan di dalam LMS. Laporan menemui sedikit peningkatan pada jam-jam yang dihabiskan untuk belajar-sendiri disebabkan LMS. Kajian ini juga menunjukkan link sederhana antara jumlah masa online pelajar dan skor kuis yang lebih tinggi.



First and foremost, I want to thank my God and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ for allowing me to face all obstacles and hardships in this research.

I also thank my dear wife, Ju Lee for her support and moral guidance throughout my project, and my two precious princesses, Leanne and Laura for their patience and love to me as I completed this work. I would like to acknowledge my father, Kam Ewe Kian, who helped find co-supervisors for the project. A big thanks to my Father-In-Law for instilling a knowledge of research in his daughter that rubbed off on me.

I would also extend a big thanks to my two co-supervisors, Prof. Madya Dr. Burairah bin Hussin (PhD., MSc., BSc.) for introducing me to the fascinating world of LMS and Moodle server creation, and to Dr. Tay Choo Chuan, (PhD., MSc., BSc.) for his experience in education and for his guidance throughout this research project.

Finally, I am indebted to my boss and Principal, Mr. K. Narayanasamy for his foresight and generosity in financially supported the server hosting of the LMS through the college funds.



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: Kam Boon...
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