Mood and Atmosphere

Topics: Light, Stage, Secret Life Pages: 3 (1205 words) Published: November 6, 2012
n Sue Monk Kidd’s The Secret Life of Bees, the passage on page 79 in chapter 4, the morning after Lily and Rosaleen arrive at the calendar sister’s house, is a passage that has great impasses on the mood and atmosphere. To do that, the passage uses multiple imagery to describe the area and the things surrounding it, like how the author describes the May’s wailing wall, little forest, or the river, “ Stepping over the wall,….. Had discovered the Lost Diamond City” p.g 80. The use of these words makes the reader visually see and have some kind of feel of what the wall looks like in real life and what the river feels like. That helps in putting and showing these on stage in great and precise detail. Another thing that should be on stage is bright light (sun) which is a symbol and motif in this passage. This bright light symbolizes a new way of life, purity, tranquility, a calm and peaceful atmosphere which the passage has many traces of that help set the mood and atmosphere. The use of features that appeal to the senses, like for instance the mention of birds and sounds of running water to set a mood of calmness and tranquility, also helps to set the mood and atmosphere. The use of similes, like “I could make….., the tops of them postage stamps of white shine” p.g 79, helps in turning this passage from a piece of written work to a piece of preformed art. I chose this specific passage because it is a point of change from the rest of the novel and it uses many different features to help describe and set the mood and atmosphere.

If I were to dramatize this passage on stage, I would use a proscenium stage because it would be the most suitable space to display all of the details of the setting that are described in the passage. It is important to place emphasis on the setting, it is essential when setting the mood and atmosphere. I would start by the set design, making the stage the appropriate setting of the passage. First, the backdrop of the stage would...
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