Montresor from "The Cask of Amontillado"

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  • Published : December 14, 2005
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Montresor from "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allen Poe was a revengeful, sarcastic, and cruel man because he led Fortunato to his death.
There is no doubt that Montresor was the antagonist of "The Cask of Amontillado". The reader discovered that when reading about his revengefulness at the beginning of this short story. Montresor had enough with Fortunato's insults and finally decided to see an end to his life (The reader inferred that Fortunato had done something to Montresor and/or his family to upset him). "Nemo me impune lacessit" was Montresor's family motto, which meant "No one can harm me unpunished." Montresor recited this motto to Fortunato inside the vaults where he had tricked Fortunato into coming down into because of an expensive Amontillado wine. Montresor was going to keep to his family motto and therefore chastise Fortunato for what he had done.

Montresor's supreme sarcasm was displayed is this short story by Edgar Allen Poe. When Montresor was in the vault with Fortunato, he made several remarks that are sarcastic in nature and portray verbal irony. "Come, we will go back; your health is precious. You are rich, respected, admired beloved; you are happy, as once I was. You are a man to be missed. We will go back; you will be ill and I cannot be responsible." When Montresor made these remarks, he meant the exact opposite; Montresor could care less about Fortunato's health and would rather see him dead. When Fortunato and Montresor were drinking, Fortunato made a toast.

"I drink to the buried that repose around us."
"And I to you long life." Montresor said in reply.
Again, Montresor displayed verbal irony and his trait of sarcasm.
The utter thought of burying someone alive could not be anymore cruel. Inside the vault were many catacombs in which many dead were buried. Montresor carried out his final plan to kill Fortunado in the last moments of the story. He tricked Fortunato to go into a catacomb, where he claimed...
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