Monthly Report

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Attachment B: Template


Capital Projects & Service Planning Branch

Project Name

Project Control Group

Monthly Report Number XX

Date of report../../..

Prepared by ………..

Checked by ………..

Approved by ………..

Consultants Names & Addresses


1.Executive Summary1




5.Recommendations / Endorsements2

6.General Report3


6.2.Cost Report and Financial Considerations4

6.3.Risk Management7


6.4.Other considerations8

Appendix A10

Drawings / Photos10

Appendix B11

Construction Progress11

Appendix C - Risk Table12

Appendix D13

Cost Summary13


Change proposals17

Monthly Cash Flow Report18

Monthly Cash Flow Report19

Monthly financial report20

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is to include key information highlighting major items and urgent / important issues to be addressed.

The following items need to be set out clearly and concisely:

o Issues including status, cost and program.

o Key risks and how they are to be managed or mitigated.

o Project decisions to made, endorsed or noted.

Examples of summary forms are set out in the Appendices.


The context or relevant history of the matters raised in the report or issues for review by the PCG need to be set out.

The report should include a brief outline of the relevant events leading up to any proposal and should refer to decisions or previous consideration of the subject.


Present information in a logical and concise manner that contains sufficient data to allow the PCG to focus on the issues to be determined, examined and analysed including:

o Brief summary of key issues affecting the project shall be indicated (in point form) e.g. OHS, infection control or industrial relations issues.

o Action items for the PCG shall be set out, for example, “To Note”, “Referral”, “Recommendation” or “Endorsement” (for DH Approval). Refer to Governance guideline 1.2 for further details regarding these actions.

Changes to the project scope or associated aspects such as timeframe, budget, policy, program etc. are to be explicitly identified with underpinning assumptions and factors driving the change(s).

The issues identified in the Executive Summary are to be set out comprehensively in this section for consideration of all relevant matters such as contextual materials, generic options considered and impacts on service delivery, stakeholders, budget and time frames.


In dealing with key issues or major project decision points the options that were considered should be stated in summary form.

The monthly report is to present to the PCG relevant materials including the factors considered in evaluating the options, if there is weighting of the factors, together with a brief outline of why a particular course of action is preferred and why the alternatives were not deemed appropriate or available. Provision of the ‘do nothing’ option is required.

It is often convenient for the PCG to have this material presented in a summary table or matrix that summarises the key aspects for assisting in discussions.

The monthly report should set out the key factors or criteria used to undertake analysis and evaluation and an outline of how the consultants determined their recommendations with risks, benefits and / or disadvantages / costs identified.

Recommendations /...
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