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Montessori Method has not only developed in the United States, but has spread worldwide. There are over 4000 Montessori schools in the United States and Canada, and total about 20,000 worldwide. Parts of the world include Asia, Western Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and Central and South America. The general impression is that all Montessori schools are the same, however, there is a great deal of diversity within the school system; no two schools are the same. Montessori schools can be found in nearly every community across the United States and Canada in such places as basements, converted barns, shopping centers, and so on. They are found in suburban and inner city public school systems as well as affluent and working-class neighborhoods. Head start programs, child-care centers, and even Indian reservations have Montessori schools. While some schools remain faithful to Dr. Montessori’s vision others incorporate flexibility and pragmatic adaptation. Each school reflects its own blend of personality, facilities and programs as well as their own interpretation of Dr. Montessori’s vision.

Aspects of the Montessori method – Pros/Cons:

With anything in life there are pro’s and con’s to it. Often time’s people have different view-points on whether something is a good aspect or a bad. A few of the aspects are obvious as to which side they fall on. Some of the aspects could fall under both categories. This chart merely lists the aspects of Montessori education, leaving the decisions up to you. Listed below is a chart with the different aspects of Montessori education.

Aspects of the Montessori Method/Schooling
• Children are respected as unique individuals.
• Students work on social and emotional development.
• Supportive “communities”.
• Teaches children to be kind/peaceful.
• Children of multiple ages in the classroom (ie. 5 year olds are with 5,6 and 7 year old children). • Teachers build relationships with the children (can learn each...
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