Montecito State College: Division of Extension Studies

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Montecito State College: Division of Extension Studies

Montecito State College consists of an undergraduate day division, a graduate school, and a Division of Extension Studies. The Division of Extension Studies controls a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses accessible in the late afternoon, weekday evenings, and Saturday mornings, in addition to day and evening classes during two summer sessions. The division also offers an array of continuing education programs, which includes noncredit workshops, courses, and seminars. In addition to Montecito State College’s permanent campus, they also have four satellite campuses for students who may not live near the college. One of the purposes of these satellite campuses was to appeal to students who may start their studies at one of the satellite campuses, but then go on to take more advanced classes at the main campus, but this does not seem to be happening. The College’s main goal is to increase their continuing education enrollment rates and to increase the number of extension course registrations; however, before they can do this, there are a few major problem areas that need to be addressed. It appears that MSC is having the most trouble with the enrollment and cancellations rates at their satellite campuses. This has become very detrimental to MSC to the point where the college’s president has given the satellite campuses only one more year to improve their enrollment rates or he is shutting them down. From past experiences, MSC has found that when selecting satellite campuses, they tend to be more successful when they are located in easily accessible sites such as near a major highway.

Another problem MSC is facing is that they are in a very competitive area. There is a great amount of competition coming from a variety of colleges in the area including two private institutions, two county-financed community colleges, and various public universities. Similar to Montecito State College, a few of these colleges are beginning to utilize satellite campuses to make it easier for their students. It will be important to MSC to make the most of any advertising they can to attract more students away from these other universities. However, advertising has appeared to be a great weakness for Montecito State College. According to Roberta Jensen, the director of public information, “One of the things MSC has not done as well as it might is to figure out the effectiveness of different advertising approaches.” Harry Fourman, Dean Shannon’s assistant who she has put in charge of advertising decisions says, “The trouble is that we don’t have one single funnel through which all our responses flow.” Unfortunately, MSC does have a very restricted budget so we feel that it would be in MSC’s best interest to figure out the best way to utilize it. Executive Summary

This case analysis is about the Montecito State College and the difficulties they are having with their enrollment numbers, particularly in their Division of Extension Studies program. The Montecito State College consists if an undergraduate day division, a graduate school, and a Division of Extension studies. The Division of Extension Studies is in charge of various undergraduate and graduate courses offered during the later afternoon, weekday evenings, and Saturday morning hours, as well as day and evening courses offered during two rigorous summer sessions. The Division of Extension Studies also subsidizes a variety of continuing education programs. Dr. Shannon, the dean of the extension studies, feels that “MSC needed to devote greater commitment to its extension program.” She believes that the quality of the program is “uneven.”

The Montecito State College has a variety of satellite campuses in addition to their permanent campus in Montecito. These satellite campuses offer all day undergraduate and graduate classes. MSC also manages four “satellite” campuses in the evenings for its degree...
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