Montana 1948 Character Analysis

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  • Published : May 5, 2011
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Character Analysis

David Hayden
David is a 12 year old boy from a small town called Bentrock in Montana, David has a very confined personality, in other words he has to watch what he says or does because of the name he was given at birth as a Hayden- a very respectable name in his home town as his father is the sheriff, Uncle a doctor and his grandfather like his father was sheriff also. During the year of 1948 David as a young boy got caught up in all the drama of his Uncle’s sins molesting Indian women, when David eaves drops and hears about what his uncle had done is the major turning point for him, he is no longer a little kid but now after his opinions of his family had changed he had lost all his innocence and was left in the middle of the situation. After finding out about his Uncles assaults on Indian women, David see’s his uncle leaving the house whilst in the neighbours outhouse through a peep hole, that day when arriving home he finds that Marie Little Soldier had been murdered, Marie is an Indian that works in his home and had made the accusations on his uncle, David loved Marie in a young boy sort of way as there was only one kind of love for a 12 year old boy, She was young and beautiful and understood David. After David’s father had imprisoned his uncle in his basement, four men that worked for David’s Grandfather arrived at his home willing to jail break his Uncle, David’s mother shot a warning fire in order to scare them away from the house but they didn’t budge so Len Mcauley, David’s neighbour whom David thought was in love with his mother came over and pointed his gun at them ordering them away from the home and scared them off. David’s mother then hugged him thankfully and asked for David to join them, but for David it looked unfaithful so he stood there with his fathers gun so it didn’t look bad if his father emerged. After this scene David’s mother ordered her brother in law to be freed for the safety of her family and home, that night...
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