Montana 1948

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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“Truth and justice is more important than family loyalty and personal convenience" - This is what Wesley Hayden understands. The novel ‘Montana 1948’, written by Larry Watson, depicts the story of a twelve year old boy and his life as a kid. The small boy is David Hayden who was the son of Wesley Hayden and lives in a small town called Montana. Truth and justice was way more important over family loyalty and personal convenience and was evident through the heroic decision making done by the town’s sheriff, Wesley Hayden. Wes Hayden believed that serving his duty as a sheriff was far more important over family loyalty. Wesley Hayden’s brother, Frank Hayden was doctor and former war hero; although there were many positive characteristics of him, there were also negative things that he did which caused Wes to serve his duty as a sheriff. Frank was clearly not committed and faithful to his job as a doctor, as a result, it lead to him abusing his powers. On the outside he was a very charismatic and charming gentleman, but on the inside he was a very deceitful and dangerous man. He did things such as raping and molesting Indian women, assaulting them and was even responsible for the murdering of Marie Little Soldier. Through this, Wes is faced with the decision of charging his brother with sexual assault or turning his head. As a brother who he had grown up with, the love and affection shared together was extremely deep. This was an extremely difficult settlement that had resulted the brothers to divide in separate ways. Wes chose to arrest his brother, Frank, therefore truth and justice was more important to him than family loyalty. The relationship of the Hayden family had conflicted as the head of the family, Grandpa Hayden, tried to protect the issue being held. Although Wes wasn't the most favourite person within the family, he believed in justice and truth. This is shown on page 85, "Sins - crimes - are not supposed to go unpunished". He had believed that the...
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