Montage and New Wave Film

Topics: Film editing, French New Wave, Sergei Eisenstein Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: May 6, 2012
Evan Thomas
French New Wave v Soviet Montage
The differences between soviet montage and French new wave cinema are interesting and many. Both genres of film seek to create contrast between adjacent shots via discontinuity editing, but subtle differences in their editing styles allow this contrast to produce very different results. In French new wave editing is used to both draw the audience in, and push them away, it draws the audience's attention and inspires distaste. Soviet montage on the other hand uses editing not as a method of controlling the audience's focus, but as a way to create ideas. An analysis of the editing in the Godard's “Breathless” and Eisenstein's “Battleship Potemkin” will highlight these different effects. In “Breathless”, the first use of editing to keep the audience's attention is in the scene where Micheal shoots the cop. In this scene Goddard makes use of editing to twist and distort time. The audience hears the cop tell Micheal “Stop, or i'll kill you” in a calm voice at nearly the same time that Micheal cocks the gun. Immediately thereafter we jump cut to Micheal firing the gun and jump cut again to the police office falling to the ground as he is shot. From a narrative point of view it is understood that these events do not take place so close to each other. The events happen in much too quick a succession to mimic reality. The jump cuts elapse time in an odd uncomfortable manner. It can be argued that this is jarring, and distasteful, but it is exactly this jarring and distaste that makes this scene so fascinating. Rushing through the event which is clearly the inciting action of the film (flying in the face of CHC) yields a certain fascination with this scene that typical CHC could not hope to match. An effect similar to the one described above is present in the scene where Micheal and Patricia track down Micheal's money in the taxi. This exemplifies the use of new wave editing to focus the audience's attention on the visual. In...
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