Monstrosity in Frankenstein

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  • Published : November 21, 2010
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Frankenstein and the Monster

When the thought of Frankenstein crosses my mind, I tend to think of a big, frightening, and unintelligent monster. This could be due to the fact that in many media outlets that are available today, monsters are more often than not, portrayed as harmful and destructive beings. However, upon reading this classic story, I became aware of the fact that Frankenstein is actually the name of the doctor who created the famous creature. Furthermore, the being which he creates is almost always referred to as a demon or other demeaning words. Therefore, I am able to carefully assess that the monster in question was deliberately not given a name, and that the author is trying to express something much deeper when discussing this famous entity.

The creature in Frankenstein has many unfavorable characteristics, and people oftentimes tend to avoid it because it is so horrible looking. Because of this, many people make the assumption that the monster is destructive and is going to harm them. This assumption is based purely off of the monster’s looks. It seems the age old statement “You cannot judge a book by its cover”, is unfortunately not taken into consideration here. Despite this fact, this creature does not fit the normal stereotype of a monster at all. In fact, it is considerate and innocent. He exemplifies these favorable characteristics on numerous occasions. One instance in which it is considerate, is when it realizes that the people whom loathe him so much, are poor. Regardless of the fact that they view it as a less than human monster, it helps them by cutting fire wood. When performing this task, the monster states, “I often took his tool and, the use of which I quickly discovered, and brought home firing sufficient for the consumption of several days” (74). Although it becomes apparent that the monster has a warm heart and innocent characteristics, the people do not attempt to get to know it for who it truly is....
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