Monsters Inc. Animation Analysis

Topics: Pixar, Monsters, Inc., Pete Docter Pages: 3 (1205 words) Published: April 14, 2013
In 2001, Walt Disney Pictures released the American computer-animated comedy film and the fourth film produced by Pixar Animation Studios, Monsters Inc. Within this film stars two monsters that are employed at a company named Monsters Inc. These fellow monsters go by the names of James P. Sullivan —known as “Sulley” —and his one-eyed best friend and partner in crime, Mike Wazowski. Within this company, monsters generate their existing city’s energy by the act of scaring children, but believe that if they are exposed to these children, they will be contaminated.

In Monsters Inc., the characters are created in a way to appear realistic, at least in the sense of how monsters would be depicted and imagined by young children. The development of the film began in 1996 in which the characters underwent multiple incarnations over its five-year process. The technical team and animators continued to find new ways to render fur and cloth that appeared to have more sense of realism than the attempt before.

What I have personally noticed about animated characters is that each is created with a true sense of realism to them, but at the same time, never losing their individual aesthetic. In regards to the film Monsters Inc., you may ask how the characters could appear to be representative or convincing being that monsters in actuality do not exist, but there are other factors that play just as a dynamic role in the creation of each character as a whole other than their visual production. To me, one of the main reasons why Pixar films are so successful is their beautiful ability to create this incredible relationship with the existing characters within the film to the viewers at home. They seem to effortlessly engage you into the storyline in a way that you are carrying this interaction with them where you feel every ounce of happiness, sadness, excitement, along with the dozens of other emotions the film has to offer.

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