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In this paper I’m going to analyze the poem “dulce et decorum est” written by Wilfred Owen. In this poem we will see how this poet saw wars. To understand better the poem we should know that he first went to the war on 30th of December 1916. He had already completed his military training and sailed for France. No knowledge, imagination or training fully prepared Owen for the shock and suffering of front line experience. Within twelve days of arriving in France the easy-going chatter of his letters turned to a cry of anguish.(He wrote letters to his mother). By the 9th of January, 1917 he had joined the 2nd Manchesters on the Somme – at Bertrancourt near Amien. Here he took command of number 3 platoon, "A" Company. I have said that he went to the war, because if we know this, we would understand better why this poem seems so real, it reflects very good the reality and the atmosphere of wars. And the reason will be, as I have said before, that he was a soldier and he was in the first world war, so the landscape and the situation of wars are very good reflected in the poem. In this paper, and in his poem, if we read between lines we will quickly know what he thought about this topic. STRUCTURE

This poem is structured in three stanzas. The first stanza consists of 8 lines, the second of 8 and the third one which is the most important part of the poem has 12 lines. It begins with a description of the landscape where they are going to fight and he is also describing in what conditions were the soldiers going to struggle. Then, in the second stanza, as gas shells begin to fall, the soldiers fight to put their masks on. But, in the rush, one mal clumsily drops his mask, and the poet sees the man “yelling out and stumbling” (line 11). The image of the man “guttering, chocking, drowning” permeates Owen’s thoughts and dreams, forcing him to remember the nightmare again and again. In the final stanza, Owen writes that if...
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