Monster Swot Anal

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Shannon Strain
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Matt Bennett

Hansen’s Natural has been around to serve the public its natural sodas since the 1930’s. While natural sodas have always been very popular, Hansen’s has taken decision-making to the next level with the creation of Monster energy drink. One could even say that Hansen’s Natural has been saved by its release of Monster in 2004 as it went through company turbulence with sales years prior. Now as the new market of energy drinks is exploding, the company receives about 90% of its revenues from energy drink sales alone. Monster has brought Hansen to a skyrocketing level where product sales increased revenue 20% from 2009 to 2010; a successful time.

Monster Energy is one of many different kinds of energy drinks that are becoming popular in this newer industry. It has been able to sustain its reputation as one of the leading brands in sales, one of the most popular to drink, with an image that differentiates itself from the others. The top brands that Monster is currently competing with are Red Bull, Rockstar, and even 5 hour energy. Most of these brands, Red Bull especially, have been successful with their advertisements on TV with regular strategies of marketing (advertising with comedy, sensuality, using computer animation). Monster is also very successful in its marketing but the company has taken a very unique approach at getting its name out, without having to commercially advertise at all. Monster does not advertise on television. It is an energy-drink that supports the “cool” aspects of what it is trying to sell and they are known for sponsoring events for different outdoors sports and even extreme sports. Celebrity endorsements include famous athletes such as skaters, snowboarders, motocross, and surfers, which all explain Monster’s target audience.

Monster reaches out to men and women ages 18-34 specifically, who they also consider to be their largest...
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