Monster Swot

Topics: Soft drink, Caffeine, Energy drink Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: September 22, 2012
One of Monster’s major strength is many varieties of products and flavors. Monster offers various products, which is included soda, tea, energy drinks, and fruit juices. For energy drink, there are over 10 different flavors as well as over 5 different coffee flavors. Different colored logo on cans, represent different flavors. The variety of flavors gives consumers a wide selection depending on what their taste preference is. Also, they still continued to expand their existing products line and flavors. Weakness

The product size is one of the major weaknesses of Monster energy drink. Size of can is too big, which are twice the size of Red Bull, their major competitor. Some consumers do not want to drink such as large amount of energy drink for fear of the dreaded caffeine crash. As they have large size of products, it has high level of carbohydrate content. Also, consuming high amounts of carbohydrates may lead to several health problems. Opportunity

Monster has the opportunity to expand internationally. As they succeed in a lucrative domestic market, an international expansion would be a profitable opportunity which could enable them to increase sales and profits. Typically, large youth populations in the region can potentially become successful for energy drinks in the long term. For example, China and India boast the highest number of 20-24 years olds in the world and younger generation tend to spend more money on soft drinks. As total increase in consumption of soft drink in China and India, it will continue to see high sales growth of energy dinks in future. Threats

The biggest threat to Monster is the very high level of competition in the beverage market, especially energy drink market. With increase scale of energy drink market, many companies including Red Bull, Sobe, and Rockstar are developing new products line. Monsters will not be the sole producer of energy drink and their profit will certainly go down unless they...
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