Monster and Hero

Topics: Joyce Carol Oates, Superman, Superman Returns Pages: 3 (1064 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Thuan Pham
WRT 102
Monster and Hero
Throughout history, the image of monster and hero has been very familiar and popular in literary works. Maybe the first literary image of monster and hero appeared in the Greek mythologies. Monster usually represents for evil and for what human wants to fight against. Otherwise, hero represents for the good, the beauty and for desire to overcome the limitations of human being.

In the sections I have read, the character which I consider most heroic is Superman. Though I am not an American, I watched movies and read a lot of comic books about Superman when I was child. Like other children, he was the one whom I wish I could be. First Superman has a perfect morality. Superman chooses to do right because of his willingness and his own righteousness. While other superheroes do rights because of their personal incentives such as Batman or Spiderman. Moreover force is just the last choice of Superman when there is no alternative way to deal with fight. Though he is so powerful, he never looks himself above Earthlings. He never sees himself as God, but he just considers himself as a guardian for the weak. I remember a quote, “The real power is not to tread other’s shoulder underfoot to satisfy personal egoism, but the real power is to lift other on our shoulder.” Superman has that real power.

Second important element which make Superman become true hero is his identity as Clark Kent – newspaper reporter. With Clark Kent, Superman can have the conversation with normal people, can understand their points of view. He can view the world through the eyes of normal people. As a reporter, he has the chance to contact with variety of people. As a result, he has more sympathy and it supports for his actions and decisions as a Superman. That is one important reason that he usually tries to avoid using force if it is not the only last choice. In many situations, Clark Kent is very useful in regulating the image of Superman in the...
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