Monsanto Case Study

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  • Published : May 18, 2012
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Monsanto has a diverse manufacturing history that includes pesticides like DDT and herbicides like Round Up and Agent Orange, plastics, pharmaceuticals and they even have a history with the nuclear weapons program for the US military. Now the “New” Monsanto is focused on genetically engineering seeds through manipulating the DNA of plants to be resistant to various outside forces such as, bugs, herbicides and drought. The more research I have done the more I realize that the efforts and failure of Monsanto to introduce GMO’s into Europe was indeed because of arrogance. In Vogl’s speech, Monsanto is lauded towards the end as moving from a “trust me” to a “show me” society and promises to be more open and forthright with information, however since Vogl’s speech in 2001, Monsanto still finds itself in similar situations. I would say that not only has Monsanto failed to live up to their company pledge, directly from the Monsanto website; “Integrity as the foundation for all that we do. Integrity includes honesty, decency, consistency, and courage. Building on those values, we are committed to: Dialogue, we will listen carefully to diverse points of view and engage in thoughtful dialogue. We will broaden our understanding of issues in order to better address the needs and concerns of society and each other, as well as Transparency, which will ensure that information is available, accessible, and understandable. (1) They have continued to do the opposite of their pledge in many instances. Even though Monsanto accepted food labeling in Europe, and Carlos Joly even went so far as to even agree with various consumer groups in an article from February, 1998. When he said, “We fully support the food industry in their efforts to provide consumers with labeling so that they can make informed choices.” (2) They continue to fight labeling in the US, even though it has been full accepted as the norm in Europe. (3) And they have also continued to fight mounting losses in French...
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