Monroe Speech: Donate Blod

Topics: Blood, Blood donation, HIV Pages: 3 (1127 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Put an end to shortage of the life saving liquid

Topic: Donating Blood
Audience: Anyone 18 yrs or older
General Purpose: to persuade the audience to donate blood on a regular basis Specific Purpose: to put an end to the blood shortages for transfusions

I. Attention Step (Intro)

A. Would it surprise each one of you if I told that you could save around 15-20 lives per year. Giving blood is the same as giving life. Here is a story about a man named Joey. One day he was out driving enjoying the beautiful weather when you suddenly another car hit him head on. By the time the paramedics came Joey had been knocked on conscious and was in critical condition. When he was rushed to the hospital he had already lost massive amounts of blood and he needed a blood transfusion. It is because of people like you that today Joey is alive. B. Too few amounts of people donate blood and its time that we take action and lend a hand to benefit others and ourselves. If you or a loved one has ever needed blood than you know how important it is. The stories are heartwarming, the statistics are shocking and the need is constant. As I explained before there is a major blood shortage due to lack of blood donations. With blood having an expatriation date the shortage is becoming an epidemic. C. I myself am a blood donor. I signed up last year and although I was a bit nervous at first at the end of the day I felt good about myself to be able to help someone in need. D. Three main important factors that play a role in donating blood a. The need for donating

b. Solutions of how to increase blood donations
c. How to take action and become a blood donor

I Describe Need (Body)

A. Every minute of every day someone will need blood. The need of blood comes at intervals of every 2 seconds. The shortage of blood will only continue if we don’t start donating now. The shortage of blood donors is an...
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