Monotheistic Religions

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October 17th, 2012

Similarities among the monotheistic religions
Among all the religions in the world the three monotheistic religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, make up over half the population in this world. They are also referred to as the Abrahamic religions, since they all originate from Abraham, recognizing a spiritual tradition identified with him. Even though the three have numerous differences, it should also be realized that they are very similar in their beliefs. As monotheistic religions, they share common ancestors, their belief is in divine written scriptures, they have common rituals and practices, such as regular prayer and charity; valuing pilgrimage and sharing many common holy places; promising that actions will receive its proper rewards and punishments in the future, on earth and in an afterlife. As the Muslims and Jews believe strictly in one God, Christians similarly believe in The Trinity, in which God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, still considering God as one, complex being. All three religions consider God to be just, merciful and caring. The three faiths believe that God has provided humans with the basic guidelines for living. Important figures play a very special role in the fundamentals of each religion. The Jews believe in Moses, while the Christians believe in Jesus Christ, and the Muslims believe in Propehet Muhammad. All three signify their importance with a link to God, being His messenger or commonly known as a ‘Messiah’ (they are the communicators and educators sent by God).

Amongst these, certain other factors link the three monotheistic creeds. Several noteworthy aspects comprise the Sacred texts, Pilgrimage sites and Holy days. The Jews consider the Torah or the Old Testament as their sacred text, The New Testament also known as The Bible for the Christians and the Holy Quran for the Muslims. Holy days of the week for the Jews, Christians and Muslims are Saturday, Sunday and Friday respectively...
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