Monomyth- Finding Nemo

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  • Published : February 27, 2011
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The first stage starts with the departure, this is where they introduce you to the here, how he is called to move out of his ordinary world and start on the mission or quest. In the movie Finding Nemo, we meet Marlin a neurotic clown fish who loses his mate and most of their spawn after an intense shark attack in the opening of the movie. Miraculously, one egg survives; he names it Nemo, honoring his mate’s last wish, and vows to protect him with his life. As Nemo grows old enough to go to school, Marlin is deathly afraid to let Nemo leave the anomie they call home. When he finds Nemo venturing out into unsafe waters on a dare from his friends, he goes after him and only makes Nemo head off to finish the dare, only by his luck gets captured by scuba divers. Marlin attempts to rescue Nemo, but the divers’ blow him back in the wake of the motorboat. Though all seems lost, the fearful, Marlin heads off into the big blue to find his son, no matter how impossible his quest may seem. In his quest, he meets a good samaritan named Dory, a Regal Blue Tang fish with the worst short-term memory and biggest heart in the ocean. The two fish will continue on their journey to find Nemo who is now imprisoned in a dentist’s fish tank with several other tropical fish. Here is where we meet the Allies, Enemies, as they go through a couple of tests. As the hero arrives to the “special world” he will encounter a succession of challenges and obstacles, he will then meet a couple of characters, some who will assist him or her and others who will try and stop him. As the two fish continue looking for the boat that took Nemo they meet Bruce who invites them to join him and his shark friends to a party that takes place in a sunken submarine. Bruce and his friend’s Anchor and Chum, are a part of a 12-step program for recovering fish eaters. But once Bruce gets a whiff of blood, he falls off the program and reverts to his old ways. Meanwhile, Marlin spots the mask that one of the divers...
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