Monomyth Essay on "Click"

Topics: Personal life, Family, Remote control Pages: 6 (2536 words) Published: February 21, 2011
Family Comes First

Childhood, tragedies, victories, influences, emotions, decisions, hopes, beliefs, and desires all play an extensive role in molding the innocent baby’s we all once were into becoming exposed and specialized human beings. These elements of life are what condition humans into developing their own character. Ever individual walks different paths of life but within each distinct path lay equivalent emotions that all humans encounter. Every movie illustrates a story, every story has a conflict, every conflict has an outcome, and every outcome simulates an emotion. This emotion affects the viewer by reflecting a personal moral or value upon his/her life. Viewers relate their human conditions to the emotions and obstacles the character goes through in the story. According to the internet movie database The Movie “Click” starring Adam Sandler generated $40,011,365 in its opening weekend. The reason why this movie made such an abundant amount of money is because so many people emotionally connected to the main characters journey. The human condition that the main character named Michael Newman endures is the realization that family comes first which is learned via recognizing that time is valuable. Dramatic elements are used to analyze Michael Newman’s character in the movie “Click” by emphasizing Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth and the steps of the hero’s journey. Before entering the stages of the hero’s journey Michael Newman is a workaholic architect, middle class father, with a beautiful wife and two small children. Michael Newman spends the majority of his time working in the hopes of one day receiving a promotion. He views his promotion as a prize and his family as an obligation. “The call to adventure”, the beginning of his unknown journey, is established when Michael goes into Bed Bath and Beyond in search of finding a universal remote. He enters a back room where he meets the salesman named Morty, who introduces him to the perfect remote. Through dialogue Michael explains his reasoning for the remote, he say: “I want one device to do it all for me, quicker, easier, not so dam complicated.” This dialogue represents that he is consumed with work and doesn’t have the time to figure out how to use complicated remotes. The setting also works to set a tone in this scene. The room he is in when he is introduced to the remote is very secret, isolated, and hidden from the public. This setting foreshadows the fact that the remote has special features that only Michael will experience. It is so advanced and rare that Michael must keep his remote a secret from the rest of his family. The music being played when Michael is given the universal remote is very mystical, with twinkle-like and magical sounds. These sounds suggest to the audience that the remotes capabilities are magical and unrealistic just like the music. The dramatic element of costume affects the scene as well. Morty is not wearing the ordinary Bed Bath and Beyond employee uniform, he is wearing a long scientist coat. This symbolizes that he plays a larger role in the movie than just a salesman. The color white signifies his guardian angel role that he plays throughout the whole movie. The idea of Morty being his aid is also expressed through dialogue. When Morty hands Michael the remote he says, “A guy needs a break once in a while.” Morty supposedly knows nothing about Michael; this statement indicates that he’s aware of his hardworking lifestyle and wants to help make Michael’s life easier. Michael goes home to “cross the first threshold” or enter the unknown limits of his new world when he puts his remote to the test. He is amazed that it works to not only lower the volume of his dogs barking, but he can bypass arguments with his wife, and even fast-forward through family dinners. He demonstrates the “refusal of the call”, resistance of entering this new lifestyle, when he marches back into Bed Bath and Beyond to...
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