Monologue on Cultural Differences in Her Father''s Daughter

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  • Published : June 7, 2012
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Context: Alice is sitting on her couch in her room in the Janet Clark Hall at the university. She reflects about her dad fussing over the phone about her safety. Setting: The entrance door to the apartment is downstage left and a sofa and a table are centre stage. Her computer table is located next to the door. The orange, brown and beige stripes were like the feature of the room as it was the university emblem. Lights on. The lyrics of Will SmithsParents just don’t understand’ are playing while she is talking to her father and convincing him that she is fine. When the lyrics finishes Alice puts the phone back and sits on the sofa and sighs. She is casually dressed as she is in her apartment. Alice: (frustrated she takes a sip of water from the bottle on the table) well, that is dad as always…..Keep an eye on your back. Do not stay out late. Do not talk with strangers. Take care of yourself….and he goes on and on and on! (Angrily) He will never be a normal dad like my friends have I can never win an argument against him. Probably because he loves me and he refers to it as (imitates Kuan) the “unconditional love”. I think that he is very overprotective of me and wants me to be safe. This must be because of what he had to go through in Cambodia along with his family. (Feeling sorry for him) This should be the reason why he always wants us to be safe. That is what he thinks. But, all I want is to be free instead of being trapped like animals at the zoo. He believed that talk led to nothing and nowhere. (Thoughtfully)Maybe that is why he never answers my questions. I never got a chance to realise that he loved me. How could I even question him? As dad is always overprotecting me, I have often felt embarrassed about it in front of my friends. He would not even let me go to the movie! His “overprotectiveness” (quoting it) was part of the reason I decided to move out of home. Then just like before, he always rings me up. Again without him even asking me, he...
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