Monologue on Anti Bullying Commentary

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Written commentary on monologues
In my creative writing the purpose throughout the text was to entertain and to get a message across to the audience about the effects that cyber bullying can have on people and to know how the victim feels and the effect on the family. My target audience for the monologue is mainly aimed at young children and teens from ages 8-18 years also because my topic is a moral issue it could be used to inform the readers about cyber bullying and some readers can relate to the text. I have chosen to write in complex sentences as I felt that short and sharp sentences would get the message across more clearly also it builds up the character showing that she is clever by using these complex sentences. I structured my monologue into short sentences, for example “I just want to fit in”. This was my first line to start off my monologue; I thought that it would catch the reader’s attention and make eager to read on. For the start of each paragraph I used topic sentence, I did this to make it clear what I was going to be talking about it also helps the reader understand the character and gives the reader trust. Also I used a semantic field of geeks as in the first paragraph I used words such as ugly, dorky, geek, reading, own. My text starts off slow so the reader is able to understand the character and then to become more interesting to catch attention of when she wanted to commit suicide, the purpose of this was for my text not to be predictable, for it to be more shocking to an audience. In my text I have use a wide variety of punctuation, a lot of ellipsis is used in my monologue to create a dramatic effect “I jump…” this shows that the character has died but without the detail, it makes the reader want to know more. Other punctuation is used such as semi colons, full stops, capitals, exclamation marks and question marks; these are just simple punctuation. In my text I used a few rhetorical questions “you know?” these show that the readers...
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