Monologue of Inspector Calls

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  • Published : January 24, 2011
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That morning I was scared and devastated to go back to that shop Milwards that day. Although father forced me he still doesn’t believe what he’s done while I was going to the shop people kept on talking quietly but I knew they were talking behind my back as it was just obvious. I was shocked as father didn’t want the matter to go out in public due to his reputation and his honour. I was ashamed to be walking in the street that morning but I had learnt my lesson which other people didn’t know. I was in the shop and suddenly I had a flashback I can just remember. The previous summer was quite strange as I was very suspicious that day as I felt Gerald’s s absence. During this time I felt he must been having a affair, I couldn’t suspect anything else due to the fact of his absence. I can remember that very night when the inspector came home, inspector Goole he seemed a bit curious at first and said we had killed this girl called Eva smith I didn’t really recognize that girl or heard her name before. I was astonished to know father had something to do with this.

Inspector Goole then came up to me enquiringly as he thought I was involved. I looked at the photograph I just noticed I knew this girl,. I felt horrible knowing that this girl Eva smith got fired from her job because of me. I didn’t realise it at that time, just because I thought of that silly dress. I didn’t know what to think of myself any more knowing what I’ve done to this poor girl who did nothing to me. Just because I was jealous of her. This is what happened I was shopping at Milwards and when I saw her I told the manager that until the shop assistant (Eva smith) was gone I would never set foot in that shop again. I amazed to see that my parents and Gerald didn’t really take any notice to see what we had done. I don’t about the relationship between Gerald and myself as I don’t think I can have I relationship with someone who can’t tell the truth. I know he’s a nice man and I was excited about my...
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