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Shuo Lee Monologue Essay Nov. 7, 2011 FA THEA 1520


1) Clive Harrington is caught between his mother’s affection and his father’s criticism on how to be a man. In this monologue, Clive has enough with his father’s opinions and has an argument with him. He finally gets his points across to his father.

2) Clive wants his father to realize that he is not in control of what Clive wants to be. The word, “myself” has been repeated several times in this monologue. Clive doesn’t want to be treated as a child anymore and most importantly, he wants his dad to understand that everyone has a different point of view on things in life.

3) It’s as if: I have to make someone have a personal epiphany or a revelation because what they’re doing or holding on to is bad for their physical and mental health.

Overall objective: To make his father understand that he is not in control anymore.

(To affirm)Yes you think you can treat me like a child. (To be assertive) But you don’t even know the right way to treat a child! (To confirm) Because a child is private and important and itself. (To confirm)Not an extension from you, anymore than I am. (To state) I am myself. (To affirm) Myself. (To remind) Myself. (To remind) You think of me only as what I might become. (To remind) What I might make of myself. (To declare) But I am myself now- with every breath that I take, every blink of the eyelash. (To explore) The taste of a chestnut or a strawberry on my tongue is me. (To arouse) The smell of my skin is me. (To incite) The trees and sofas that I see with my own eyes are me. (To cause desire) And you should want to become me and see them as I see them. (To disappoint) But we can never exchange. (To realize) Feelings don’t write us, don’t you see? (To declare) They keep us apart. (To affirm) And words don’t help because they’re unreal. (To investigate) We lie...
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