Monogamy vs. Polygamy

Topics: Monogamy, Marriage, Human sexuality Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: June 10, 2012
The primal instincts of man include both physical and emotional needs in a legitimate marriage of quality. Philosopher Christine Overall claims that criticisms of monogamy and marriage are implicitly sexist masculine behavior. Additionally stated, non-monogamy only expresses a connection of love among multiple partners through sex itself. Both cultural and social structures dictate the way men and women should conduct relationships, however natural physiological instincts prioritize reproduction as our method to the human species survival and continuation, unconcerned with love and marriage. I believe that in an uncomplicated world without social norms and controversy, lifestyles, whether containing ideals of monogamy or polygamy, can exist together peacefully because they define different passions for sharing love. Unquestionably, the desire to reproduce is attached to all human beings. Yet Christine Overall argues that male sexual feelings are, “overwhelming and uncontrollable, and that one must act upon them.” I believe that this claim is only based on cultural generalizations of men and doesn’t have equal consideration for the sexual needs of women. There are vast differences between males and females, however replication is of comparable significance to both sexes because of our given physiological characteristics. In the past, an obsolete moral code permitted greater sexual freedom and promiscuity to men but not women, stemming from the subordination of women. In reality, the double standard is slowly diminishing as society is becoming more open-minded about sex and multiple partners. With this progression, accepting individuals practicing multiple marriages becomes easier to identify. With regard to multiple marriages however, love is featured in diverse terms. According to Overall the ideology of non-monogamy, “defines potential love and closeness in terms of sexual relatedness… that the way to love others, to be close to others, is through a...
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