Monkey King: Description of a Famous Mythological Creature

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  • Published : May 20, 2011
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Description of a famous mythological creature
Monkey king is a one of the most widely known Chinese mythological creature. It was first appeared in the novel called Xi You Ji (Journey to the West). As the legend begins, the Monkey King is born from the earth and known as the stone monkey. Then he entered a cave which other monkeys are not brave enough to get into. The stone monkey was the only one to do so and they declared him King. Day by day, he feared that he would soon die and began a quest. It was on this journey that he learned the secrets of Martial Arts and immortality. At the same time, his behavior makes the gods in the heaven very angry. So they decide to catch him in order to make sure that they can take control of him. Unfortunately, due to fact that monkey king is a skilled fighter no one can defeat him. Eventually, these gods call upon Buddha to help them. The Buddha decides to let the monkey help a Monk to get the sutras. Along the way, the Monkey King is filled with antics of trickery, deceit, disobedience... and yet through it all, he still helps the monk and can be seen as overall having a good heart. It's just in his nature to play. We all like him because everyone in the society wants to live a life like monkey king. When he is angry, he needn’t to hide his temper. When he is sad, it is possible for him to cry loudly without thinking other things. So the monkey king is an ideal character of us. Throughout history, the story has been a major part of Chinese culture. It has been made into a famous Chinese Opera, which is still being performed today. It has also been made into a cartoon which is still popular among teenagers. The cartoon called Havoc in the Heavenly Kingdom is Chinese first comedy cartoon. Millions of Chinese children hear the story of the monkey king before they go asleep. And millions of children buy the toy of the cute monkey because of monkey king.
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