Monkey Hunting

Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Caribbean Pages: 4 (1386 words) Published: December 6, 2010
Monkey Hunting

Throughout the novel Monkey Hunting it involves many themes and issues that contribute to the main character, Chen Pan’s story of himself and his family. This novel covers issues within the subjects of immigration, assimilation, war, love and slavery and themes such as culture, education, wealth and self identity. Monkey Hunting explains the life and culture of one man who was raised in China in search of a new beginning in Cuba, but the story continues and links with the new generations that have come into his life and the connections of his family that persist over time.

Monkey Hunting begins with the story of Chen Pan who was born and raised in China and grows to become a gambler. His story begins with him being deceived into boarding a ship departing to Cuba which he believes will lead to fortunes and a better life. But on his arrival and to his astonishment he is sold to sugar plantations as a slave worker along with the many other African American and Chinese people who arrived just as he did. In the fields of this sugar plantation he learns that he is no better than the African American slaves that are forced into the Atlantic slave trade. This is a major theme in the novel because in many countries around the world slavery was becoming a very important aspect in capital and labor in the nations which produce raw materials. Countries such as the United States and others in Latin America were involved in the slave trade to receive more assistance in labor to produce goods. In many nations this was the only source of capital and like other countries, Cuba was known for producing a raw material needed in many countries which was produced in the sugar plantations, which Chen Pan worked.

Although Chen Pan was considered an indentured servant alike from the other African American slaves in the sugar plantation, he never forgot his culture and the country in which he came from. Even though he continued to recite poetry from his ancestors...
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