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  • Published : July 3, 2011
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Chapter 1

Project Overview

Project Background

Focus Advance Car Rentals Inc. was started on May 2008 as a single property and eventually became a corporation on October 2010. They chose this kind of business because they saw that it’s in demand in the market.

The existing monitoring system of the Focus Advance Car Rentals Inc. was manual process of recording of all the data that they need for their report such as the plate number of the rented car/van, the name of the driver, hours that the customer is going to rent the car/van, the place/places where they’re going, and etc..

So, this project acts as a computerized monitoring system for Focus Advance Car Rentals Inc.. It stores details of the cars and vans, customers and etc. It also provides the simple payroll of the drivers. The system will provide the needed and storing information in a faster, more convenient way by storing file of the cars rented in a computer system that will lessen the effort of owner in storing files of each car every now and then.

The database is designed for use by owner and other authorized user in the company to enable them to easily produce information required by the different people.

Objectives of the Project

* General Objective

The general objective of this project is to create a preventive maintenance and computerized monitoring system that will facilitate better monitoring measures to ensure high-quality services of all cars and vans of Focus Advance Car Rentals Inc.

* Specific Objective

In order to attain the general objective, the study specifically aims to provide the following:

1. Analyze the existing manual system; analyze its process and requirements 2. To design software that will:
3.1. Substitute to the current system
3.2. Increase the speed and accuracy of the manual system 3.3. Decrease the inefficiency of the manual system
3.4. Be user friendly
3.5. Be object oriented
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