Monitoring Is to Keep the Children Safe as Possible.

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Monitoring Is to Keep the Children Safe as Possible.

By | July 2008
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Monitoring is to Keep the Children Safe as Possible.
Laura Slamka
Axia College

Monitoring is to Keep the Children Safe as Possible.
Monitoring has been in our every day life for a number of years, in different ways that people just do not think about it. With the world advancing in so many ways so has the technology in monitoring. When monitoring first started, it was hidden from our view. For example, the employer would walk around to see if and how the employee was doing the job. Stores and banks had hidden security cameras and the ATMs have cameras built in them. As times have changed, people now see the cameras and there are more of them around us. There are traffic cameras to watch and monitor the flow of traffic, give out violations, review accidents and views anything that goes on in the area. Stores have cameras inside the stores to track what the employees are doing, and how employees handle the customer. In addition, stores use cameras to protect the store from shoplifters and to protect the customers, for example, a purse, or wallet stolen while shopping or a child abducted. With the cameras, the law enforcement can review the video and hope to obtain a photograph of a suspect to aid them in the investigation. Now stores have been putting cameras on top of the buildings, to view the parking lot and the areas around the store for extra safety for the store’s customers and the store’s employees. All ages and types of people use the computers and the internet. Most children know more about a computer and the internet than his or her parents do, and that can be scary for the parents when it comes to the internet. With all the different chat rooms that are at the children’s fingertips, parents truly do not know who is on the other end of the computer, or if he, or she is who they portray to be. Unfortunately, crime can be committed over the internet and it targets the children without...

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