Monitoring Employees on Networks 2

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Monitoring Employees on Networks
How does e-mail benefit an organization? Why might an organization want to limit how an employee uses e-mail during work hours? What is an e-mail’s path once it leaves an organization? Email benefits an organization, because it enables messages to be exchanged from computer to computer, with capabilities for routing messages to multiple recipients, forwarding messages and attaching text documents or multimedia files to messages. (Lauden, 2009) An organization may want to limit how an employee uses email during work hours, because the purpose of being in business to either produce a profit or not, but in most cases, organization’s are in the business of making money. Companies should be concerned with how their employees are utilizing their email, because if the privilege is being abused, productivity and lack of focus on company business can be jeopardized; which in turn, can affect the company’s bottom line. While organizations must consider practices to monitor their employee’s email, all must consider where it goes once it leaves the organization. The path of an email is from the computer to a distant server (over the internet) and back to the client. (Lauden, 2009) What is the effect of instant messaging on organizational networks? What are benefits and drawbacks of using instant messaging in an organization? Since, in most cases, an employee would require an instant messaging system such as Yahoo! Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger in order to participate in instant messaging such programs would take up space on the computer’s CPU, which could in turn slow down the computer or network. The benefits of instant messaging are faster communication and responses. Some of the drawbacks to having instant messaging are lack of productivity by staff and submitting false billing reports to clients. What are benefits and drawbacks of Web page and search engine use in an organization? The benefits of a web...
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